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BNJMN - Chromed


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BNJMN brings in the second release on his own Brack imprint.

The title, Chromed, gives a solid impression of whats on offer here; whirring machine noises, bruising kicks and skipping rhythms all draped in warm analogue fuzz, synth lines supplanted by smooth shades of black and grey...

Title track opener ‘Chromed’ combs through multiple layers of industrial but tightly controlled noise as a noisy stab keeps us in time. It’s not long before a huge, saturated 808 kick propels us into the abyss at breakneck speed. For the 5am crowd.

Second track ‘Rattled’ pairs some more 4/4 kick action with a relentless, overdriven bassline. More percussive hits morph the tune from raw analogue jam into pure monochrome roller - the peak time bruiser of the bunch.

On the flip, ‘Sallow’ sees BNJMN inject a bit of colour into the dark matter with a phased, esoteric synth line to bring you in before more formidable kicks pummel your insides, while ‘Broil’ goes straight for the jugular with a clattering of hats, kicks and pure riddims.

4 excellent tracks on one plate - you really can’t go wrong.

Limited edition of 300.