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BOA - BOA w/ Mosca Remix

Styles upon Styles

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Absolutely deadly combination of Best Available Technology and Ovis Aurum as

BOA in ruffneck, DIY UK mode, b/w wicked Mosca Remix -

'Exploring UK bass heavy styles in heavy, desiccated forms' is the self-proclaimed statement of intent from Portland's DIY veteran BAT and Ovis Aurum for New York's Styles Upon Styles, and the outcome is as stealthy, drenched in hiss, masterfully stripped, and as utterly H-E-A-V-Y as we could've hoped from the two.

Reloading on the industrial strength rhythmics and ultra-focus zones of mid-2000 era dubstep, breakstep, grime and junglist UK movements, throughout 'Body Series' and 'Deglover' BOA manage to distill the heavy ruffage of early Toastyboy, Search & Destroy, Vex'd, Pinch, Scratcha DVA, Kahn & The Bug into something that sounds like it was snipped out of a late 90's demo tape from an anonymous underground force, which some dumbass A&R managed to overlook for a couple of decades, and for which he should now be getting fired.

Jokes aside, this is where the strength in these tracks lies -
although there is a retrospective element & theme going on here, the productions feel hard to pin to a specific time really. There's a classic sound palette, but the sounds are reproduced, saturated and matured carefully, then stripped to their core elements - there's no excess left, simply the deadliest ingredients are left to strike, and the human element remains intact and true to the combined brainworks of BOA.

And to back up the goodness, we have original don Mosca on remix duties with a low-slung dembow type beat that fuses elements of various BOA recordings into this Constricta mix and rolls like an extra vibey dancehall b side with the elements of various recordings jumping in & out of the instrumental. The perfect flip.


Body Series


Mosca Constricted Remix