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Bob X - Pulse Marley


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Well, Well, Well.......

What can we say?

Here it is, the first 5" record we've ever laid our hands on, handed to us by the guys behind the latest label to come out of Bristol's underground: 'FuckPunk'.

Cut at the local go-to place for your dubplate needs, Henry at 'Dub Studio' has been commissioned to cut a bunch of 5" vinyl dubplates for this somewhat special offering.

He must have winced a little bit when he was informed that the track of which we speak of here had been made with a fairly abrasive attitude... Post-production, the track was given a loving 'downgrading' treatment on the PC, with it's final bitrate reduced to about 8kbp's or something - sounding like it's come straight from your favourite youtube-rip.

'Pulse Marley' was created by two Bristol-based musicians you have probably heard of, but who chose to keep their names out of this, so we'll just refer to them as 'Bob X'.

There are 20 of these cheeky badboys, 10 of them are cut to black discs, 10 are cut to transparent discs.
Each disc comes with a ripped-up, hand-stamped sticker, and the sleeves contain a special 'Pulse Marley' sticker and a paper FuckPunk manifesto.

You'll look best playing this record whilst wearing your favourite blackmarket 'Marley' tshirt, an old cape from your fancy-dress box and a pair of old socks, slung around your neck to keep you warm whilst you look good.

You can check this video from our instagram for sound reference, but be warned - the total run-time is 50secs, and it's a one-sided pressing, and it will make a soundboy burn to ashes before he can even shut down his laptop and scatter.


This is by far the maddest thing we've got on the shop, do yourself and grab a copy before something bad happens!

Limited edition of 20, 5" dubplates.
10 transparent, 10 black.
50 second running time.
hand-stamped, served with 'Pulse Marley' sticker.
Comes with paper FuckPunk manifesto.