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Bogdan Raczynski x 8Ball - We Used To Corrupt Each Other With Art & Coffee


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Straight from source, we have a handful of this hotter-than-hot-cakes mixtape put together by 8Ball, who expertly fuses the most dangerous cuts from Bogdan Raczynski's Rephlex catalogue across 62minutes - strictly on tape... Lock & load!

Hot on the heels of the welcome resurgence of Bogdan Raczynski with his 'Rave Til You Cry' LP this year, this cassette is filled with reworked versions of cuts from 99’s Samurai Math Beats through to 07’s Alright! and Leicester's Grade10 member 8ball is given the go-ahead to go-in on the mix with his ferocious, dreader-than-dread rave attitude -
To put it simply the mix is a f*cking treat and a real ride through some of the most cutting edge UK sounds around - even now, years on!

Act quick on this one if you're keen to take a hit on some of this good ish!

Edition of not-many, served up via the Warp affiliated Disciples imprint -
Designed by our very-own Alex Digard aka Studio Tape-Echo.