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Bokeh ‎– Peace Obscured EP

Weevil Neighbourhood

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Three tracks of out of this world Techno by the exciting duo Bokeh on the consistency quality Weevil Neighbourhood label. Classy artwork to match!

Bokeh is a duo comprising two well respected artists working in the periphery of Techno and experimental music, one half being Anthone best known for his exemplary "Aloof EP" and the other half Katsunori Sawa who has also released previously on Weevil Neighbourhood as well as a quality 12 on the Japanese 10 Label. This is a real meeting of minds.

The EP starts of ominously with "Hermits" a track consisting of chilling industrial drones and clanks, as vinyl surface noise crackles over a bed of thick sub, building to an awe inspiring crescendo, which leads straight into the broken propulsion of "Brief Glimpses Of Beauty" a pummelling Techno workout that moves the head as well as the feet, with its odd syncopation and experimental sound design perfectly complementing the club-ready sonics.

"Void Armour" rounds off the EP with an absolute belter of a track, as a broken kick pattern plays host to all manner of arcane sonics as skittering Hi-Hats constantly create new rhythms, guaranteed to hypnotise the club and keep them guessing.

This EP is essential for fans of Stroboscopic Artefacts, Xhin, Lucy, Asusu and Kobosil.


Brief Glimpses Of Beauty

Void Armour