• Bollywood Influenced Film Music From Nigeria

Bollywood Influenced Film Music From Nigeria

Autotune The World

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Who would have thought it? It seems in Nigeria, especially in Northern Nigeria, the Hausa youth will crowd around open-air cinemas with thousands of people watching Indian Bollywood movies, old and new.

Nigeria and India would generally not be placed closely to each other on the musical map, yet without the presence of an Indian audience, ever since Lebanese distributors began importing Indian movies in the 1950’s Hausa viewers have recognized the strong visual, social and even political similarities between the two cultures: a similar sense of dressing, youths riding Bajaj motor scooters, wedding celebrations and the difficulties of arranged marriage only presenting a few of the binding factors.
This Cassette, the third instalment of the ‘Autotune the World’ series, showcases the fascination by the Bollywood style adopted by Hausa Culture.
Similarly to ATW01, one can hear melancholy, autotuned vocal harmonies sung over modest drum machine and keyboard songs, bubbling with rhythm.
It’s interesting picking out the characteristics in this unlikely combination of musical heritage, one can definitely hear the stepping heart-beat of Nigerian Highlife music but the presence of Bollywood-esque cinematic stabs and upbeat mood of the films is also apparent throughout. 

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