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Boofy - Climb Out Of Your Hiding / Your Sheds Too Big


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Bigman Boofy steppin' up on System for a two track 12" of lean w-e-i-g-h-t -

Climb Out Of Your Hiding is the kind of thing this label was set up for we'd say -
Pure moody bassline business and tons of space for each frequency to do it's thing on a big sound, at a decent volume.
Hi-freq perc sonics go reachin' for the multiple gun finger in the echo chamber, whilst that grizzly bass layer rattles across the low end, and the icey harmonics unlock the crystal maze -
Flip it for 'Your Sheds Too Big' (we'd be inclined to agree mate) and you'll get an extra dose of woozy melody and harmonics, icey rhodes arpeggiating around a synthesized flute type sound, with a rolling percussive thing that'll sound extra nice in the mix.

Make sure you turn it up

Climb Out Of Your Hiding Place

Your Shed's Too Big