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Borai - I'm The One/Hold It Down

In Fine Style

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Quickfire drop of the debut release on the club night turned record label - In Fine Style.

Those in Bristol will be familiar with the events that have been running since 2012 and the transformation to a label is a strong look - It's only fitting then, that another key Bristol operator, Borai, provided the first release.

Following up that incendiary Hotline double pack is the equally ruffneck sounds of 'I'm the one', string vocal sampling and a jagged as fcuk break are the order of the day here - proper party gear this cut, as you'd expect!

The flip is even better, one that's seen a whole lot of rotation in the office here - Borai splices some classic Ed Rush & Optical DNA with some breakstep and creates this monster - lush pads countered by screwface bass and a mean drum workout - Absolutely fantastic.

I'm The One

Hold It Now