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Brendan Dougherty – Economy and Failure


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Brendan Dougherty dropping concise shards of emotive sound for the excellent people at Praensens Editionen / Zweikommasieben...

Following his gear for Entr'acte, Brendan shows off a new veneer with this long player, Economy And Failure.
A bittersweet contemporary memoryflash via hacked up arpeggios, shattered rhythms, elastic chords and a very good feel for tempo and dynamic, Brendan Dougherty's album plays in a very captivating way, with the senses simultaneously on high alert, and lulled into some kind of past-midnight insomniac haze.
As the record progresses, the rhythms, all perfectly paced and timed constructs that piece together like a sound collage with it's components laid bare for re-assembly, re-sound in a very architectural way, activating imagery meant for display in between your ears.

Synth built synapse interaction via electronic means... Computer music in a most human way.

Edition of 300.

Vinyl LP of Brendan Dougherty's Economy and Failure.
Mastered by Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering
Sleeve designed by Kaj Lehmann
Ice photographed by Justinas Vilutis
Published by Präsens Editionen


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