• Broshuda - Adumbratio
  • Broshuda - Adumbratio

Broshuda - Adumbratio

Enmossed x Psychic Liberation

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We got our hands on another bullet in tape form. This time, sound & visual artist Broshuda, joins the ranks at enmossed x PL, serving up a two-sided affair of reconfigured extracts from two live performances in Poland and Italy in recent time -

Brand new original material and re-intererpretated Broshuda discography melds into a hazy tangle of frequency manipulation on adumbratio, morphing Broshuda's soundworlds into something at once time-warping and ethereal, almost floaty (also watery at times)... But this cloud is heavy, and loaded with rain and thunder too... A constant shift between dark and light, this tape presents itself like an eco-system, in a balance of nature. A yin, yang kind of energy exchange, manifested via conversations in sound where barely tamed grit rubs up against softest, brittlest textures.
The end result is a wholly immersive, truly pensive listening experience that will lead you into a rabbit hole of euphoria eventually. Follow that tunnel into the dark, and you will find a new light glistening at double intensity soon enough - just follow the sound.

Ltd Edition of 125.


heavyweight recycled paper j-cards.
silver foil stamped artwork recycled plastic cassette shells
+ cases duplicated at a carbon-neutral facility.

Side A mastered by Rupert Clervaux
Side B mastered by Glyn Maier
Audio finalized for cassette tape by Glyn Maier
Artwork by Broshuda
Design by RJM Vanderheyden
Special dedication and thanks to Ewa Pawlik.

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