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Broshuda - Contemplative Figuration

Soda Gong

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Big Broshuda on the buttons, with 'Contemplative Figuration' - 8 tracks of sonic bliss in the form of an album for Ohio's Soda Gong.

We've been waiting for this one to surface for some time now, having had the lucky chance to soak it up in isolation during lockdown season earlier this year...
And despite the previous indulgence, it's still very, very great to see this in the flesh again now, packed up in a rather tasty sleeve design and pressed up good & proper on a 12" cut by the o.g. Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering.

This record really has come alive now, sprawling out with a range of intricate, yet delicate and quietly focused, highly-personalised rhythm & frequency amalgamations.
Ranging from solemn late night horizontal moods for dimly lit scenes, to fresh-as-a-daisy rhythm flexes, through to time-tripping ambient injections, each track really does feel like a solid piece in itself, and contains its own feeling and purpose.
But it's not just a collection of tracks put together for the sake of it, it really does feel like a proper album that is best listened to as a whole.
This way, you can really sense that each of the songs also work as strong counterparts within a whole, as part of a really quite beautiful tangle of sound, melody, and mood.

We can hear his playful, experimental side at times, channelling a raw grime type energy with complex musique concrete / minimalist sound-art structures. But the high-octane ambience can also retreat like the waves in a tide, to unveil the expanse of the shore into really quite peaceful, ambient figurations - or 'mind-gaze' as he's coined it -Scenes that draw out like vast landscape at 360degrees, or maybe a film score for eyes closed, with borderless, infinite space around you.

And there we have it... 'Contemplative Figuration' - Maybe the title wraps it up best - music for introspection and soul searching, and music for the purpose of satisfying ones intrigue for new sound worlds within these mood figurations -
This is an explorative record, in all senses of the word.

Mastered by Helmut Erler at D&M.
Artwork by Alex McCullough and Niall Wynne Lewis.

1. Kakigori 06:35
2. Obj. Contraire (feat. Elen Huynh) 05:41
3. Cypher 05:07
4. Airlite DMV 03:57
5. Leg 04:36
6. Lied Fuer Hase (feat. Mo Chan) 06:41
7. Pagoda (feat. Manta) 02:40
8.CF 05:55

Airlite DMV


Pagoda (feat Manta)