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Broshuda - Face2 / Voices

RDK Island

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Broshuda back on the buttons!

This one, coming via Cologne's RDK Island, has been long awaited, eagerly anticipated - and we're glad to hold a few copies here for you now, imported direct from source, sponsored by the easyJet BRS>>BLN connection.

Our brains are still wired up to his You'll Always Stay Beautiful piece for NoCorner, but we've managed to momentarily poke our heads out of that bubble and situate ourselves within the aural galaxy of this new 7" here.
Face2 comes pressed on top, a concoction of strange sounds from a far-away tropical utopia on some kind of inter-dimensional highway. Two holographic birds tweeting love-songs or good information about nearby fruit at each other as a gently whirring stream of holographic water runs continually in a loop, drip feeding all the extra-terrestrial plants as they grow at visible quadruple-speed.

Turn the disc around, and night time creeps in. Distant stars flash and disappear, the over-heated control machines start going into self-repair mode, and there's a cold wind coming round from the shaded side of this strange planet. Time to put your space-suit back on, light one up and let time glide by until that stardust settles.

Edition of 100.
Printed sleeve & centre labels.