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Broshuda - Intrinsic Speculation Publication Zine


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Part two! Good 4 U!

The big boss Broshuda is back on the buttons, visually, with this 'Intrinsic Speculation on contemporary image making' - the follow up to his 'Public Relations Zine' (We have about one copy of those left too btw!).

Across 32 pages, find ink-splattered, xerox'd and digitally abstracted constellations of found & shifted imagery and collage twisted into new realms and all sorts of intriguing abstractions of print -
The perfect soundtrack to one of his latest Noods or LYL radio shows, or perhaps even just in time for a rewind of his 'YASB' tape for NoCorner...

Wholehearted recommendations from the artworld-underground.

P.S. this is THE VERY LAST HANDFUL - sold out at source!