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Broshuda - Jemi

Haunter Records

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Jemi is here.

The long-awaited full-length from man like Broshuda, Berlin-via-Kassel on Milan-via-Macao Haunter Records...

Following a string of hotly tipped tapes and extremely scarce editions spanning various formats and other colourful approaches (the man is also a visual artist) Broshuda's first vinyl album is now, after much anticipation, here in it's otherworldly glory.

Kicking & dancing like a fresh twist & turn on the kind of outer-dimensional dancefloor only enlightened beings might inhabit, Jemi gulps up forms of samplism and sonic collagery with a heartfelt, earthy and also totally futurist approach.

Placing sounds in the broad dynamic field and balancing them on pins, hanging them off strings or or simply letting them hover in mid-air, with each of it's 8 cuts the LP opens up intertwining, twirling frequencies that seem to tap right into the brain, painting fluid pictures into the imagination with each of it's alien forms and intrinsic loops.

Weightless Like a ghostly, floating shape that can shift it's appearance with the ease of an octopus in it's adapted territory, each of the tracks form their very own statue from the get-go, just before fleeting off into the various spaces and corners that this imagined (head)space has laid bare before us.

It's one of the most beautifully abstract spots you'll allow yourself to enter into, and it's a completely joyful experience if you just let the music take control.

Immerse yourself!

Printed outer sleeve, and inner sleeve.
Served with artwork designed by Steffen Ulmann & Florian Koch (Broshuda).
Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering.

1. Kep
2. Gekker
3. Hain
4. Jemi
5. Fent
6. Goscha (with Vuptes)
7. Rizz
8. Eko