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Broshuda - Public Relations Zine


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Last copies of this rather fine zine from our friend Broshuda -

Limited edition 32 page zine from the bossman Broshuda, last seen laying down some of the most beautifully abstract sonics for NoCorner with his tear-jerking, 32min 'YASB' piece... But those who've kept an eye on him (as well as an ear) will know that he is also rather prolific on the design and illustration font -
you can find his designs dotted around the 'net, pasted up on walls around Berlin, and dispatched across the globe as part of one of his rare poster or zine missions.

This particular "Small Edition Of 32 Pages Featuring A Selection Of Speculations On Contemporary Image Making." is already sold out everywhere else as far as we're aware, so here's your last chance to own one of these fine spreads.

Volume 2 'Intrinsic Speculation Publication' coming soon too!