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Broshuda - You'll Always Stay Beautiful


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The long-awaited Broshuda piece for NoCorner!

Upfront exclusive copies right here, shipping alongside vacuum-sealed A3 risoprint poster.

Read an informative combination of the Tape-Echo article and NC press text here, for a further invite into the world of Broshuda -

Initially created as a soundpiece for a group exhibition, this meditation on, according to Broshuda himself 'Self help / depression, universal painful truths and memory via twitter bot content' - peruses quotes snatched from text-to-speech conversion taken from a selection of twitter bots that offer automated emotional services to those in need of some reassurance and motivation in times of depression or doubt. To many, a perplexing scenario in itself... But no doubt one that we are becoming more and more accustomed to in the age of hyper-connectivity, and frequent reliance on technology.

It is said that google, the one who provides answers to everything, is our new god, so why can't a twitter bot be our new emotional nurse?

Broshuda's 'You'll Always Stay Beautiful' certainly raises thoughts and questions about the way our society is headed, but as the NoCorner press release aptly puts it - 'rather than an obvious criticism, ‘You’ll Always Stay Beautiful’ lets the listener indulge in which ever way they feel. Placing the all familiar, and ultimately still very human commentary in a light-headed tangle of computerised harmony, melody and abstract rhythm…'

‘Spend Time With Your Parents, Treat Them Well… Because One Day, When You Look Up From Your Phone – They Won’t Be There Anymore’.

You’ll Always Stay Beautiful points out the absurdities of such automated emotional help facilities in our social age, but also remembers the beautiful fragilities that make up the human mind, which is always in search of strength and reassurance, and ultimately – love.

Aside from the guiding voice, what makes this 33min excursion so intriguing is Broshuda's deft use of abstract sound-forgery and manipulation... No matter how eschewed, there's often an underlying sweetness in tone & style, a very colourful, unique approach to sound and melody, amalgamating in something which is as close to oblique sound-art, as it is to his self-coined 'glambient' or 'mindgaze' styles... In other words, a style totally his own.

Some of you may have nabbed one of the few promotional tapes that surfaced on RwdFwd last year, but for those who didn't... you're in the right place.

Edition of 75, gold cassettes + dl code.
Served with A3 risoprint poster design by Broshuda, vacuum-sealed.
Inlay artwork by William Binta.
Design & layout by Broshuda & Studio Tape-Echo.

You'll Always Stay Beautiful (A Side Clip)