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Bruce - Citric Acid Hydrate

Climate Of Fear

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The big, bad Bruuuuce at the controls on the 1s & 2s (and possibly even 3's & 4s!) - caught live & direct in late 2019, mashing it down at one of the Climate Of Fear nights in Berlin, and now eternalised to tape

Bruce has been whipping up his very own kind of storm in Bristol in recent years, with his mad-good Noods shows that go all over the place in a perfectly jagged, yet seamless way, with his rammed out events in that old swingers club 'dare to club', and of course - not least! - with his oblique production technique, which always seems to be searching for a kind of harmony between musicality and cutting edge sound design, showcased in fine style via the likes of Timedance, Hessle and of course Idle Hands..

His DJ sets in the club take his wild, unhinged yet refined spectrum of sounds into a big pool of energy, swirling the ingredients into a potent mix of high-energy tekkers and deep-focus riddims, that'll give you all the brain food, and body food via good-vibrations thru ye olde soundsystem.

If you turn up this tape loud enough, we're pretty sure it'll do good things to ya!