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Bruce - I'm Alright Mate / Post Rave Wrestle


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Full charge from Bruce on Timedance -

Massive release from the one Bruce on Bristol-based Timedance, by main-man Batu.

Timedance has been on top from with recent discs, following up the killer Lurka record with this pair of heaters from fellow Bristol resident Bruce.
'I'm Alright Mate' is more than f*cking alright mate, whilst it rolls out at a confident pace and proper gut-jab low-end knockouts that come grilled in between the steady pulse of the kickdrum, riding with more groove than Raymond B. himself.

The Post Rave Wrestle comes in at slurrier speeds, knocking the tempo down to somewhere around the 113 mark, submerged in a concise sludge of bassline and unnerving melody. Juicy material, this one may not pump at the same pace as the A side, but it makes up for it with atmosphere and intensity.

Quality stuff, do not sleep.

Sticker art by Larry himself.

I'm Alright Mate

Post Rave Wrestle