• Budgie - Holy Ghost Zone II

Budgie - Holy Ghost Zone II

Holy Ghost Zone

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The much sought after Holy Ghost Zone gets a 'round two' from Budgie, coming with 20 heart-wrenching, high intensity gospel-twisting rhythms, pressed up across two discs in a top class package via the Holy Ghost Zone label.

Pure heat inside... The gospel is true.

Comes with 7 vinyl-only extra tracks.
Edition of 300.

01. Keep My Promise
02. Blessed
03. Want 2 Love U 2
04. The Same
05. 2 Your Will
06. Hold On
07. Thank U
08. The Building
09. Anything U Want
10. Heal The Land
11. Trust In God
12. There 4 U
13. Rescue Me
14. Time Goes By
15. Whatever U Need
16. Jesus Rock
17. God Will
18. Redeemed
19. Sungday
20. Streets Of Gold


Keep My Promise


Want 2 Love U 2

The Same

2 Your Will

Hold On

Thank U

The Building

Anything U Want

Heal The Land

Trust In God

There 4 U

Rescue Me

Whatever U Need

Jesus Rock

God Will



Streets Of Gold