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Bun Zero - King Lion / King Lion (Kahn Remix)


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O.G. Belgian dubstep ambassador Bun Zero in combination with big bad Kahn -

Topside, we have the original cut from Bun Zero, King Lion works it's way around a pulsating low-end and heavy-footed percussion, dubwise dubstep pressure in it's purist concoction.

Flipside, Kahn steps up on remix duties, coming down heavy like rain, with added movement on the low-end, kick drums and hi-hats pummeling down from above, constantly shattering into the lower spectrum, only to be momentarily disturbed by warning signals from within the echo chamber, warhorns and roars adding a serious sense of dread to this guttural stepper.

Heavyweight business, skip straight to the B Side and ramp up the volume a lickle!

King Lion

King Lion (Kahn Remix)