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Bundle Senyawa – سنياو ريمكسات القصة (DBL Edition) + Handmade Doll (Drowned By Locals Cassette + Handmade Doll)

Drowned By Locals

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Limited edition of 15 - we have the last few here...

"Inscribed with relevant words, and symbols to repel spiritual harm.
One side is left blank for customization."

And another gem from Jordan, via Drowned By Locals (the label that blessed us with that Ambulance vs Ambulance release, and a very fine edition of Senyawa's Alkisah album - which is now presented here in remixed form, by a heavyweight selection of local and regional artists

Blowing up the core of the Senyawa's already-cult-classic Alkisah album once more, here comes this 8 track cassette featuring a vast, fully-intrigued selection of remixes.
Istana gets the twisted from God Is War (check that killer tape he did for Industrial Coast too, we have some in stock here), stretched into doomsday ambience from FRKTL, perfectly swung into a death-chug for end times from Prophän.
Menuju Muara enters a world of new-found tremors via fatalism, and local Jordanian artists jinjin, SKYLA, 1800s Internet, and Bashar Suleiman all step up for the 2nd side of the tape -

Jinjin shapes Alkisah II into fully zoned meditations on cavernous reverberation and vocal ceremony.
SKYLA picks up the same track where Jinjin left it off, and twists it further into electrified insanity, hallucinatory whirlwinds of voice, drum and bass frequency.
1800s Internet picks up the pieces of 'Kabau', finding solace in the more hope-filled, urgent side of Senyawah's 'Alkisah', and twisting it through an aural lens of plucked strings, and hand-drum reverberations.
The last of the remixes of this perfectly curated and paced cassette, sees 'Fasih' injected with extra doses of bounce, phased through looping vocal drones and chopped snare // hihat moves -

What a killer combination of remixes, perfectly dubbed onto tape for a kind of ascendance from the depths, through weird worlds and into some kind of re-invigoration process at higher tempos for the last part.

It's also real nice to hear such uncompromising, unique talent from around the extended Jordan area too - This is the kind of thing we're here for really - this type of world-wide communication through music, with local and international networks, for all eyes and ears to see and hear, and appreciate, and maybe even join in somehow -
community support & communication comes in many forms.

Limited edition of 30 cassettes.
Limited edition of 15 handmade 'end of world companion dolls'.
"Inscribed with relevant words, and symbols to repel spiritual harm.
One side is left blank for customization."

Tapes served in handmade cover and titles written in isolated Arabic letters and symbols borrowed from a Medieval Arabic Magical Manuscript.

1. Istana (A House Of Many Mansions GOD IS WAR Remix)
2. Istana (FRKTL Remix)
3. Istana (Prophän Remix)
4. Menuju Muara (fatalism Remix)
5. Alkisah II (jinjin Remix)
6. Alkisah II (SKYLA Remix)
7. Kabau (1800s Internet Remix)
8. Fasih (Bashar Suleiman Club Remix)

Istana (A House Of Many Mansions GOD IS WAR Remix)

Alkisah II (jinjin Remix)

Kabau (1800s Internet Remix)

Fasih (Bashar Suleiman Club Remix)