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It's here! The full-album reissue of the LP that started it all, Burial's eponymous debut record and a truly unparalleled collection of tracks. Few other artists have ever captured the music world's imagination and fervour quite like Burial has done....

This reissue is the first time the ambient cuts off the album have made it onto vinyl: Night Bus and Forgive as well as the untitled opener were all cornerstone parts of the CD and digital release so it's incredibly satisfying to have the opportunity to own the full package on vinyl for the first time.

It seems prudent to leave those of you who, somehow, haven't heard the album up until now to go listen yourself, as no description can do justice to the history, importance and beauty of this record - in our opinion the superior album to his far more lauded follow up.

Buy yourself a slice of history, no one's record collection will be complete without a copy of this.

1. Untitled 00:36
2. Distant Lights 05:26
3. The Spaceape feat. The Spaceape 04:01
4. Wounder 04:51
5. Night Bus 02:20
6. Southern Comfort 05:01
7. U Hurt Me 05:22
8. Gutted 04:43
9. Forgive 03:07
10. Broken Home 05:04
11. Prayer 03:45
12. Pirates 06:10
13. Untitled 00:54

U Hurt Me

Broken Home