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Burial - Rodent / Kode9 Remix


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Burial makes a pleasant return after the Subtemple ambient EP earlier this year.

Burial returns back to more dancefloor-suitable material here with the deep-house indebted Rodent, a likely winter anthem as seems to be the way with all Burial's post-Summer releases.

After experimenting with a series of long-form, multi-part tracks over his last several releases, Rodent sees him return to a more straightforward track structure. If you love Burial, you'll most likely love this - his ear for vocal melodies remains strong as ever, and with a footwork indebted remix by long-time ally Kode9, there's something to satisfy both the classicists who rue the olden days of Burial along with those, who have been fully swept up in the hyper-futurist electronics that Hyperdub have morphed into the hub of in recent years.

The increase in Burial releases in the last year is a little suspect if you ask us.... Could the long-awaited third LP finally be on the way?


Rodent (Kode9 Remix)