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The album that launched Burial - and the underground UK electronic scene - into the stratosphere (and onto The Sun's tabloid pages) and never stopped ascending - the birthing of dozens of paling imitators with their twee, pop-chipmunk vocal chops and by-the-dozen garage drums shows just how much of an achievement and feat of genius Burial's sound is, found here in a totally matured state.

It even got nominated for a mercury.

As with his first LP, describing these tunes is a special kind of blasphemy and we can only strongly suggest you listen back and remember how special this album was. We're going to keep this brief and stop ourselves from descending into nauseating hyperbole - you don't need any of that.

All you need to know is this repress now contains the entire album as it was on Digital and CD back in the day - the beatless tunes and the atmospheres make their way onto fresh 180g slabs of British Music History.

Come on now, if you don't own this already, now's your chance. And if you already own it, buy it anyway - it's Burial mate.

Untitled – 0:46
Archangel – 3:58
Near Dark – 3:54
Ghost Hardware – 4:53
Endorphin – 2:57
Etched Headplate – 5:59
In McDonalds – 2:07
Untrue – 6:16
Shell of Light – 4:40
Dog Shelter – 2:59
Homeless – 5:20
UK – 1:40
Raver – 4:59


Shell Of Light