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Burnt Friedman - The Pestle

Latency France

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Burnt Friedman, the German ambient and experimental maestro offers up a staggering collection polyrhythmic mind-benders via French label Latency, who put out that incredible Kane Ikin record a few months back.

These tracks span a variety of hard-to-pin-down styles, and are so varied in affect that they defy attempts to categorise them anyway, so its best to take them as is and let yourself appreciate the sound-design and daring textures that Friedman lets unfurl with great poise and subtlety.

Highlights at the office are the half-step fodder of Sorcier and the pensive ambience of Day of Rho - two utterly different tracks that work brilliantly in the context of the record - you're not going to find a more varied collection of tracks this time soon.

Super hot tip, what a release!


The Pestle (feat. Takeshi Nishimoto)



Day In Rho