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Bush Chemist Meets The Dub Organiser - Dub Convention

Conscious Sounds

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<< Original press, very limited stock >>

We managed to get our hands on a couple of copies of this hard-to-find gem... A joint release between Fashion Records and Conscious Sounds, 'Dub Convention' comes loaded with heavyweight UK roots cuts from the Bush Chemists and The Dub Organiser, split across two sides of the disc.

Mixed and Recorded by Dougie Wardrop of Conscious Sounds, and Chris Lane one of the founders of Fashion Records, this record is a great representation of the UK sound system movement in the 90's, a heavy blend of futuristic dubwise and traditional 'roots' instrumentation... From the fast-paced drum programming and roaring bassline to the dubbed out hornslines and rasta drums, it's a deep meditation, a vibe that is hard to surpass - no matter how technology moves on.

This is a rare record, hence the price.

Bush Chemists:
1. Fire Trap
2. Dub Out East
3. Chemist Special
4. Stoned To The Bone
5. Four Wise Men
The Dub Organiser:
1. The Water Margin
2. Fact Not Fiction
3. Banks Of The Nile
4. Dub A Long
5. Heavenly

Fire Trap / Dub Out East / Chemist Special

Stoned To The Bone / Four Wise Men

The Water Margin / Fact Not Fiction / Banks Of The Nile

Dub A Long / Heavenly