• Bush Chemists - Dub Fire Blazing

Bush Chemists - Dub Fire Blazing

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Originally out in 2001, and the follow up the great 'Light Up Your Chalice' LP, Dub Fire Blazing consists of 10 heavyweight soundsystem cuts from The Bush Chemists / Conscious Sounds crew, alongside dub cuts to vocals from Singer Blue, Kenny Knots, Ras Imru & Culture Freeman on the mic, this one comes straight out of the original London soundsystem scene, and stands up tall in the wide discography of Bush Chemists & Conscious Sounds crew -

Reissued on wax right here with original (very 'early 2000s') sleeve art, and ready to spin once more for all roots and steppers heads out there.

From that junglist style fully bass-charged intro, to bubbling, dancehall-indebted rhythms loaded with pure sub pressure on the aptly titled 'bass gone crazy', through to pacey early 90's style digital steppers on 'backs against the wall', Disciples style heavy-ness on 'Eastern Style', there are many big tracks here, from melodica cuts, to horns anthem and fully heated dubwise pressure! Turn up your bass dials for this one.

Edition of 500.

This Sound

Fire Blazing

King Davids House

Backs Against The Wall

Fight To The Top

Marijuana Defenders

Long Time I No Smoke

Erb Warrior

What About The Dub

Blowing For His Majesty