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Buttering Trio - Toast


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Nu-soul and beat experimentalism via Raw Tapes -

With a mix of analogue equipment and DAW being the centre of these late night sessions between the Trio of KerenDun, Rejoicer and Beno, the outcome is naturally varied in style, whilst the Dilla-esque, jazz-infused heartbeat pumps throughout.

The LP has support from Gilles Peterson, Ninja Tune's Solid Steel show and gained props from none other than Snoop Dogg, the D.O.G.G himself - which can't be a bad thing at all (we're not talking reggae here either, this is obviously the original west-coast, g-funk snoop talking).

It's a smooth ride through beat territory, with super-silky RnB vocals lining cuts in between the more out-there rhythms that slot in between... And a highly enjoyable ride it is.

Served in printed sleeve.
Art and design by Raw Sun.

1: Mean To Me
2: Ganja Man
3: Falafel
4: Tired Love
5: 27
6: No Joke
7: Roads
8: Voyage
9: Berliner
10: Ibiza
11: Dracula
12: Oneness On Vinyl

Mean To Me / Tired Love

No Joke / 27

Berliner / Roads / Voyage

Ibiza / Dracula / Oneness On Vinyl