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C-Schulz - FRÜHE JAHRE (Unseen Worlds LP)

Unseen Worlds

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Fresh in the post via Brooklyn's Unseen Worlds imprint we got our hands on a stack of this killerrrr LP of almost-lost 90s industrial-leaning experimentalism from C-Schulz, re-presenting his cult classic early recordings, packed with no shortage of humour and some of the most far-out variety heard in a long time.

Seriously good stuff this, proper mind-melt collages and straight up off-kilter bangerz - fully original and highly creative stuff - this is real-deal experimental music.

And it seems that the vinyl issue has not found it's way to many stores around this side of the globe... Plus, the price is nice.... just sayin'.

‘Reis’ kicks-off with a 10-minute low-key epic of engrossing acousmatic sorcery & concréte mastery. Synthesised bubbles and birds nestle amongst Eastern mantras and passing locomotives. A heavy-breathed beast smokes in the corner, occasionally tooting on their spectral bassoon. A looping horror-synth derails whilst children giggle innocently/terrifyingly.
‘Meister’ is 9-minutes of swaggering noir-jazz mischief. A spiralling big-band sample careens round for 3-mins before until a chanting voice enters the mix, dictating orders in an unidentified language. Most obviously recalling Nurse With Wound’s Lynchian escapades on ‘Huffin’ Rag Blues’ (but that wouldn’t appear for another 17 years). The beat marches on&on&on with ever-mounting immediacy; an early 90s dancefloor pulser like no other!

The B-side comprises of 11 shorter pieces: a cinematic suite starting with ‘Ein’ & ‘1972’; quick 50-tabs-style skits of Muzak, jingles, Coke-fizz, tape-zaps & Schlager. ‘Klang’ is a prangin’ plink-plonk creeper-ballad. Another highlight ‘Barbapapa’ breaks up the second side, a bumpin’ lo-fi disco beat emerging from ethereal choir. ‘KreuzChor’ sounds like two men forced to recite hymns whilst being flagellated by a laser-whip. ‘Star’ gets pace going again with Midi-eval psy-rave energy, Coil fans ahoy! After ‘Nr.5’, a short German monologue & creepy music-box duet, ‘Kurze Flitze’ flips the switch once again and hammers home a trumpet-splattered 150-BPM NDW stomper.

A totally unique artifact resurrected, including instant download of expanded ‘Frühe Jahre’ version featuring another 7 brilliant tracks from the same sessions.

Vinyl reissue + DL code w/ extra tracks.
Re-mastered by Rashad Becker.

A1 Reis 11:02
A2 Meister 9:18
B1 Ein 0:42
B2 Klang 3:24
B3 Glockenspiel 0:23
B4 Tri-Top 1:29
B5 Barbapapa 4:06
B6 1972 1:06
B7 KreuzChor 1:30
B8 Star 2:16
B9 Nr.5 0:45
B10 Kurze Flitze 1:41
B11 Aus 0:05