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Caliban - Digital Reggae


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Obscure excavations from 80's London, straight from the vaults of Milton Myrie's treasure box, dug-up by Jackson 'Tapes' Bailey and issued in prime stylee, by Red Light Record's very own Music From Memory imprint.

This one came out a little while back, but we couldn't resist finally getting our hands on this one, imported together with a bunch of gems from the 'dam.

As the title track and it's funky chorus pretty much sums up perfectly, this is digital reggae. But it's got an extra dose of cosmic bubble inside. It's a dreamy 80's jam that comes through like soundtrack to an imagined sitcom in space. It's a uniquely happy record, and that is it's undeniable strength.
Something for those who need to find the weirdest of dancehall and the best of the unheard.

This re-issue project materialised after these discs had become extremely rare and sought after collectors items, selling one-by-one for a high price, while Caliban had most of these, and pretty much the only copies in existence in his house somewhere, having originally been pressed up by his mother as a present and becoming at the time what you could call an awkward 'unwanted gift' that never really made it much further than that.

At least that's how we remember the story from when Jackson told us about this a while back. Excuse us if it's not factually 100% correct. But either way, this record has a good little back story to it, an artefact that came together from the kind of series of events you only come across by proper interaction with these wax objects, their listeners and their makers.

This is a highly personal piece of music, however you look at it. That alone makes it worth the support.

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