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Big new collab 12'' from Parris & Call Super, bringing out the best in each other's sound and treating us to this gem of a platter.

Glassy melodics and floor ready beats fused together creating this ever so slightly wonky, dubwise club record which demands repeated play and is sure to nice up the dance.

Here's the verbal lowdown via Parris & Call Super, to accompany this record:

"There was an aging writer called Mortise Koshimitsuwho lived in a small apartment. The apartment was beset with problems. It was damp, the wiring was frail and in the summer the leaking pipes added a must and swelling to the woodin the windows that effectively countered the joys of the heat. Koshimitsu’slifehad been lived chiseling away at circumstance, and circumstances had notproved easy. There was however, one small reliable rush to be had, and it lay through a gloomy doorway, down some stairs and past a register."

wicked 12".

Chiselers Rush