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Capital Letters - Wolf

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Capital Letters, the 8-strong group of British-jamaicans who are responsible for one of our all-time favourite tracks to ever come out on Greensleeves - the disco-heavy roots cuts 'Run, Run, Run' and 'U.K. Skanking' - are always are welcome addition to our pick of records on RwdFwd...

The latest 12" doesn't disappoint, whilst these aren't reissues of their 70's material, they still carry that authentic, upbeat Capital Letters sound that we've come to love...

The fact that these cuts were mixed and produced by two of the UK's most expert reggae producers, David Hill and Nick Manasseh, certainly adds to the authenticity and depth... The four cuts of 'Wolf' all hit hard and soft at the same time, full of splash and vibration... Original UK roots music as it should be.

From the Dubplate cut to the Deep Riddim Dub - this is a great record and it feels right from start to finish.

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Limited to 500.
Served in black sleeve, with red & black sticker.

Wolf (Rootikal Re-Mixdown) / Wolf (Rootikal Dubplate Cut)

Wolf (Rootikal Dubwise) / Wolf (Rootikal Deep Riddim Dub)