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Caprithy - The Room EP *Dubplate Edition of 10*

Isaiah Tapes

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Direct import from Moscow's Isaiah Tapes -

Very limited vinyl edition of 'The Room', featuring three rainy, ambient techno tracks from russian artist Caprithy.

Mydriasis takes control of the first set of grooves on this 10", with it's reverberating kick drum working around a frail echo and metallic ambience - very cavernous, perfect for a grey day looking out of the window, or remained on the dancefloor when most people have gone to sleep.

Safest Place runs hollow gongs and lacerated frequencies against a pacey, paranoid heartbeat... Intensifying as the track moves through it's shadowy motions.

Third up, 'Metamodelling' runs a widescreen, dystopian setting against distant harmonies, while the rain and white noise continues it's pour.

A highly moody, ethereal set of tracks -
Lower your heads and raise your fists, this is solid stuff.

Edition of 10.
served with photographic insert.
In poly sleeve.

Safest Place