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Captain Ganja And The Space Patrol - Tradition

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Before Scientist or Tubby melted brains and speaker-boxes with their takes on outer-space dub excursions, Captain Ganja and his Space Patrol were pushing the dub sound out of the stratosphere, presenting unique takes on psychedelic dub music and making a brilliant entry into the broader dub sphere.

Here we see their weirdest album Tradition reissued masterfully by the Bokeh Versions Crew.

Aqueous and other-worldly, Tradition sees Captain Ganja and The Space Patrol at their most experimental - traditional reggae instrumentation fuses forces with the kind of sonic paraphernalia that would be traditionally associated with music concrete or the BBC Radiophonic Workshop circa-1960s. What results is a left-field, esoteric take on the dub aesthetic that remains true to the genre while at the same time pushing dub sonics to their logical limits - this is probably why it's aged so well, and is - in our opinion at least - so worthy of a re-issue.

Essential stuff yet again from Bokeh - what a run!

A1 The Breathtaking Blast
A2 Subaquatic Swerves
A3 Alien Circus
A4 The Creepy Crawl
B1 Frenzied Friends And Fiends
B2 Morning On Mars
B3 Planet Play / Laser Games
B4 Rocket Repairs
B5 Escape And Return

Alien Circus

The Creepy Crawl

Planet Play / Laser Games

Rocket Repairs