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Carla Dal Forno - You Know What It's Like LP


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RwdFwd finally stocks the brilliant debut album of Australian multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Carla Dal Forno.

Dal Forno joins a list of artist who have picked up from the movements of new wave, coldwave and electro-infused post-punk; namely, the haunting atmospherics and hush-tone vocal techniques that evoke a hazy dream, full of portent but never descending into tired tropes. Perhaps its why we find it on Blackest Ever Black - the aesthetic compatibility is blatant but even more than that there's an overlapping mission statement, writ large in the tracklist on "You Know What It's Like".

Take opener Italian Cinema next to album single Fast Moving Cars. Where the former plays out as a latter-day tribute to Radiophonic pioneers like Daphne Oram and Delia Derbyshire, the latter strikes a powerful chord between a sun-kissed Californian beach jam and echoes of a down-trodden chippy in Salford.

Dal Forno's voice occupies half the tracks on the album. Her softly spoken style suits the hazy whisper of the instrumentals perfectly; never allowing one to supersede the other, and working perfectly in tandem to consolidate her musical rubric.

You Know What It's Like is an exceptionally strong mission statement and a perfect point of entry into Dal Forno's broader discography - this comes highly recommended from the RwdFwd team.

Fast Moving Cars

What You Gonna Do Now

You Know What Its Like

Dry In The Rain