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Explorative, sub-heavy drifters and creepers from Caro, channeling heavyweight soundsystem sonics as much as organic, airy texture and atmospherics, conjured up in Sinixt Territory // British Columbia, for our friends at Limbo Tapes here in Bristol >>

What a killer tape this is, quite possibly one of our faves on the label so far (and there have been many gems) - Across 12 cuts, ranging from ethereal and shape-shifting, to dank and heavy, Caro lays down a full-length trip through warped sounds for reminiscence, and forward-gazing alike.

Perfect music for the autumnal shifts with the sun vanishing behind misty clouds, but equally something for a late, dark night inside.

“There’s a sort of mystic quality to low places, everything flows there and by law of nature can’t be destroyed, so it is transformed.
How long it lingers there is different for every thing… pollen swirling in swampy waters, fog coating salty white wash, steam crawling up though the hemlocks. Within a few moments, or a few hours, everythings changed. And it all looks different in the light.”

Ltd edition of 50 copies, with DL code.

Written and Produced by Caro Wilson.
Mastered by Sean Lee.
Design by Sean Lee.
Cyanotypes by Kate Hassell.
Photography by Misha Ostromecki.

1.Continuum 01:20
2.Links Inna Chain 03:50
3.Drip Cadence 03:56
4.Fog Index 04:26
5.Signum Mycelia 05:00
6.Conjure 04:18
7.Swamp Lore 03:05
8.Visions Of Hereafter 04:50
9.Forge 04:26
10.Magnetism 02:19
11.Mothlight 03:23
12.Lowlands 04:26

Links Inna Chain

Drip Cadence