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Cera Khin & Christoph De Babalon - LazyTapes 02


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LazyTapes is back with the killer pairing of darkside junglist legend Christoph De Babalon and purveyor of far-out musical delicacies Cera Khin, providing 110 mins of sonic mischief, dubbed to red & black cassette & packaged in artwork by Patch D Keyes, for maximum pleasure -

Following on from the inaugural Guided Meditation with Cera Khin & Ossia, label bosslady Cera Khin now shares the second cassette release with Christoph De Babalon, for a special split-mixtape release, featuring his once-streamed, never archived live recording that aired on Cera's Noods Radio show, backed up by a late-night selection of suitably ethereal music from her own record collection.

On the black side of the tape, Christoph De Babalon's grim excursions into the darkest sides of jungle and the negative spaces distinguish the void between his array of deep, dank subs, doomsday ambience and hacked up rhythms.
Perfectly geared for the cassette format, the razor sharp, blackened landscapes that unfold throughout the first 55minutes of run time soak up the hiss and
compression of the tape, for an all-consuming trip into the shadows
and cracks of Christoph's macabre rave styles.

Matching CDB's ruffneck theme with a potent dose of shimmering
underground classics, rare editions and an exclusive preview of the
forthcoming Peder Mannerfelt 12" on LazyTapes, Cera Khin has recorded
an exclusive mix for the 'Red Side' of the tape. Meshed with extra
echo, the selection moves from lightheaded themes to twisted
ambiences, from 80's obscurities to contemporary sonics.
Swerving from beauty into darkness in a way that feels at once
impossible and natural, it's a fine manifestation of her unique selection style.
This is for the freaks, oddballs and deep sea swimmers.

Limited edition of 100 cassettes, for your cassette player - no digital.
Red & Black C110 tape, pro-dubbed.
Ships with LazyTapes sticker.
Artwork by Patch D Keyes.

Cera Khin - LazyTapes Mix 02

Christoph De Babalon - Live On Noods Radio 17/08/17