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Cera Khin & Ossia - Skully Mix


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Freshhh goodness on LazyTapes!

For the fourth instalment on the LazyTapes imprint Cera Khin goes in with Ossia once again, bringing things back to where they began: with a heady trip on the cassette format.
Dedicated to Skully the cat, and sprawled across 90mins of tape, the Berlin & Bristol selectors invite for a time-halting cruise through their most weird & wonderful discs, as well as unreleased gems from themselves and friends.
By no means a practice hour, their combination has proved potent on various occasions previously - their first recorded b2b session kicked off Cera Khin's now infamous residency on Noods Radio, which has celebrated it's 2nd year recently, and their Guided Meditation tape became the inaugural release for the LazyTapes imprint, which has since released music by Peder Mannerfelt, as well as Christoph De Babalon.

What we're dealing with here, are approximately 90minutes of brainwave selections that move from head-in-the-clouds musique concrete, japanese ambient, strange oddities, far-out sounds and 33rpm wrongspeed revelations through to obscure dancehall and afro-centric rhythms... A slow landslide through imaginary worlds, with surprise encounters around every corner.

All blended in one-take thru washes of effects, even including an unreleased 7" dubplate from Jabu & Ossia, previously unheard ASDA material and perhaps even a potential sneak peek at some future LT material.

Dedicated to Skully the cat, RIP <3

Edition of 150.
Artwork by Patch D Keyes.
Comes with LT sticker.
Onbody print on jelly green tapes.
Printed j-card.

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