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Chazbo Meets Princess Shema - Guide I (Roots Temple 12")

Roots Temple

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Mystical warrior style coming from the Roots Temple -

Across the disc, two rhythms - instrumental melodica cuts, with the one and only Chazbo alongside Princes Shema.

Bassline is definitely the underlying power here, but the distant, reverbed melodica and swirling echoes add a certain depth to these cuts, perfect for meditation on a big soundsystem, speakerbox rumbling at full effect.

'Guide I' moves at a faster pace, whilst 'Holy Zion' rolls of the one-drop and snare-fills, letting the low-end and melody sway with enough time and space to control the pace.

Both sides are finished with the 'dubplate cuts' - raw & dubwise, part three style.

Heavyweight meditation.

Recorded and mixed at King Alpha Studios & Conscious Sounds Studios.

Guide I

Guide I Dub / Dubplate Guidance

Holy Zion

Holy Zion Dub / Dubplate From Zion