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Chemotex - Schrade Knives

The Trilogy Tapes

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Deadly wares from Chemotex on TTT.

Ragged wayyyy  into the red, the title track 'Schrade Knives' appears in a noisy haze of staccato hats that give way to a very satisfying boom of just kick and snare, peak time stuff, certainly not for the faint hearted. 'Payphone Player is the real highlight for us, crazed ringtone madness twisted into muscular dancefloor ammo, a crucial DJ tool to get the dance hype!

Flip it over for more of the distorted good stuff, 33140 thumps out a stepping pattern and works in a modular synth line for good measure. The EP closes with 'Early Death', wild jacking material for the stamina cru.

Schrade Knives

Payphone Player


Early Death