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Chemotex - Thulsa

The Trilogy Tapes

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‘Thulsa’ is a different beast altogether from his last outing on the label - where as ‘Schrade Knives’ ran the drums and, well, pretty much everything on the desk into the red, this instalment eases back and let’s the melodies breath a little. Both the tracks on the A-side make the most of an iridescent chord stab and pair it up with drums in various stages of decay - ‘Thulsa’ for the warm up set and ‘Delta City’ for the peak time crew - it’s deadly!

‘Music For Security’ is the most reserved cut on offer here, a scuffed deep house number that’ll see you right transitioning from your Kerri Chandler records into the LIES catalog. Closing with a proper bit of techno in the form of ‘Lorentz’, stripped right back to acute bleeps and taught kicks - mesmerising and expertly done.


Delta City

Music For Security