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Another beautiful excavation from Chêne Noir of 'Miss Madona' fame and general legacy - Orphee 2000 can now be enjoyed in full-length long player mode. Think Don Cherry via Alice Coltrane with the ghost of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on a spiritual trip led with a special kind of Chêne Noir tripped out touch of drama, and we're about there, where this one goes -

Orphée 2000 is the 15th original spectacle created by Chêne Noir on 11 July 1976 in Avignon, France.
Recorded in 12-13-14-27-28 November 1976 in Studio Crypte du Chêne Noir in collaboration with Edmond Maby and the Studio 35 of Avignon.

Served in printed, stickered sleeve, with DL code.

1. Musique des Martinets 05:44
2. Le Vieil Orphée 02:25
3. Musique de la Nuit 03:17
4. Chemin d'où l'on ne revient pas 06:30
5. Musique du Vieux 02:09
6. La Route de la Mer 02:10
7. Le rêve des Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer 05:35
8. La Musique de la Lumière 02:16
9. La Musique des Amants 07:02
10. La Chute 02:43
11. La Musique d'Orphée 03:28


Musique des Martinets

Musique du Vieux

Le rêve des Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer

La Musique de la Lumière