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FuckPunk is back again, putting forward another crucial piece from their compadre, talented writer and general vibesman 'chester giles', alongside Ossia on versioning duties via the old mixing board.

It's a serious artefact, three subsequent versions of chester giles' 'overdue' piece recorded back on to prison tape, wrapped in an 'overdue rent' letter, hand-stamped and packaged along with a 'free rubber-band'.

We couldn't write the words better ourselves, so here is the transcript from FuckPunk HQ:

"Our latest piece comes from Fishtown migrant, Bristol-based tattoo-fiend and ridiculously talented writer – also firm member of the FuckPunk family, and one half of 'asda' – chester giles.

Recorded after a long week, late at night round at C26 Studio (Ossia's place), this cassette reveals one of chester's most cutting, realest poems yet. Recorded straight onto an old battered tape player, then versioned by Ossia through a tape-delay and shot through a bunch of wires and power sockets via the old mixing desk. This is dubwise, exactly as Lee Perry or Niney The Observer would do it, just less guitar and drum.
Three cuts to this poem, with the third one getting that extra bit of tape-chopping... The raw (over)dub.

Your landlord can fuck off, this tape is coming out in an edition of 50, with free rubber-band and handmade artwork (our local corner appreciates our constant 5p-a-go visits for more photocopy abuse)."

This is raw and upfront real-life commentary, vocal versioning and tape (ab)use, FuckPunk style.

Edition of 50 prison tapes.
Wrapped in overdue rent letter, hand-stamped and photocopied.
Free rubber-band.


an overdue version

overdue. overdub.