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Chi Factory - Red Lantern At The Kallikatsou


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Rod Modell aka Deepchord returns in remixed form, to Astral Industries -

We're fans of this Dutch connection that revolves around Astral Industries, in fact 'Chi - The Original Recordings' which we got our hands on some two years ago, still gets plenty of spins around here, it's a beauty...

This disc is equally grand.
Chi Factory have taken Deepchords first AI release and submerged it into their lusciously saturated, morphing spheres in inimitable style.
Part 1 moves like a mysterious cloud that's brought a sphere of the outside world into a deep mountain cave, exploring the tunnels and lakes as it evaporates into it's cold new surroundings, taking on a deep blue colouration for Part 2, which shifts into greyscale as the stones tumble down the stream.

Very beautiful stuff, and at 21mins per side, you are getting the full experience with this disc.

Red Lantern At The Kallikatsou (Part 1)

Red Lantern At The Kallikatsou (Part 2)