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Chouk Bwa & The Ångstromers - Vodou Alé

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Killlerrrr world-crossing experiments from Haiti via Brussels -

(P.S.: we have a cassette version too, if you prefer)

Been a pleasure stumbling across this one - shouts to the one-time Brussels connection Zoe Mc Pherson for pointing us towards this - we're glad to have our hands on the last copies of this absolutely magic combination of voodoo rhythms, vocal energy and dubwise, dread electronics.

Fans of HHY & The Macumbas (HHY also had a hand in this record btw), or Mark Ernestus & Ndagga... Stay right here with us.

Afro-Caribbean voodoo polyrhythms meet bass-weight dub electronics on Vodou Alé, this debut full-length collaboration between Haitian six-piece Chouk Bwa and Belgian production duo, The Ångströmers - and the combination is deadly.

The turbulent force of the rhythm and chants of Chouk Bwa forge like a storm approaching, clouds spiralling above, with sonic tidal forces looming from below, burning hot like lava, forming charcoal clouds of smoke, with deep driving synthlines and an often subtle, yet pinpoint recording process and mixing desk chain fx dub treatment.
This combination of Chouk Bwa & The Ångstromers culminates in a powerful potion of transporting, psycho-active frequency.

There's a great feeling of border transcendence to Vodou Alé, both geographically and musically.
Highly organic and rooted in a sound of ancestral tradition, the Haitian sound comes coupled with the warped, hands-on approach to synthesised and heavily effected sound technology, and new worlds, new common grounds are forged in between these two seemingly different, yet ultimately not-so-different sonic mindsets of spiritual search through sound.

...."The traditional and contemporary collide on this nine-track merger of distinct Haitian mizik rasin (roots music) and rumbling electronic production, forging a thrilling and hypnotic dialogue between minimalist sound design and Afro-Haitian drum talk."
...There you have it.

We urge you to listen to this one in full, from start to finish to really understand how engrossing a journey it is, and to experience the depths, intricacies and sheer, striking power of it all.

12" served in printed sleeve, and with insert + liner notes.
Comes with DL.
Mastering by Nicolas Esterle & Frédéric Alstadt
Design by Félix Vincent

1. Vodou Ale 06:22
2. Move Tan 02:56
3. Odjay - Nati Kongo 04:17
4. Rårå 04:29
5. Sali Lento 03:16
6. Kay Marasa Dub 03:59
7. Peleren 02:48
8. Negriye 06:05
9. Fidelite 03:28

Jean Claude “Sambaton” Dorvil
lead singer, fè
Maloune Prévaly* & Edèle “Sasufi” Joseph
Gomez “Djopipi” Henris*, Sadrack “Mazaka Lakwa” Merzier & Jean Rigaud Aimable
traditional drums and chorus
Riscot “Ti moso” Cedieu & Yves “Tiaye” Figaro
traditional drums on Odjay - Nati Kongo
The Ångströmers: Nicolas Esterle & Frédéric Alstadt
Michael Wolteche
additional keys on Sali Lento
*additional lead singers on Odjay - Nati Kongo

All songs arranged and produced by The Ångströmers
Recorded by the Ångströmers at Les Ateliers Claus Brussels, November 2018 except Odjay - Nati Kongo recorded at Institut Français de Port au Prince Haiti, April 2017
Produced by The Ångströmers at Ångström Studio, January to December 2019
Mixed by The Ångströmers & HHY at Ångström Studio & la Savonnerie studio Brussels November 2019.

Vodou Ale


Kay Marasa Dub