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Christian Pugstad / Danielle Innocenti & Padre Rose - Oblivion Dip 12"

Oblivion Dip

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Fresh import via Norway & Berlin - Fett Distro selections -

Hop aboard the Oblivion Dip Express and get lost in a 17-minute teleportation-trek through the dankest rainforest landscape. Thick, creeping-dread sits barely beneath the surface for almost 7-minutes of oppressive 100% aural-humidity. You're know you're being watched, shadows shifting in your periphery, crushing claustro-vibe.

Then come the steady pulse of the marching drum. It soon becomes clear we are no longer on Earth and this is no normal forest. You're deep in a living neural network on some inconcievable Computer Planet.

A bright light. You feel faint, diz‎zy. Soon you feel nothing at all, just overwhelming calm. Dematerialisation complete. You are found.

Flipside, Danielle Innocenti, who laid down sonics for DIP002 previously, links up with Padre Rosé for two subtly rugged, electroid depth charges:
Brukkup, thuddy kicks drive the drones, weightless percussion and synth licks through a dense fog of ambient, yet soundsystem minded techno... 'Track 2' the Hovering Banana Head Mix, is proper night-time drive material, or perhaps for those meditative moments in a room with lots of sub and no light.
Track 3 comes with a more ethereal step to it... Let this one chug at loud volume, and it'll make sense.

This one's a very versatile disc for recreational escapism, or as a DJ tool - proper underground gear.

Christian Dugstad - Track 1"

Danielle Innocenti & Padre Rose - "Track 2" (Hovering Banana Head mix)

Danielle Innocenti & Padre Rose - "Track 3" (LA8PV mix)