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Chupame El Dedo - ST (CREPT12 - Cassette)


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Bonkers South American digi-punk-skwee-noise assault -

We were sat here listening to Steve Barker's 'On The Wire' show, when one of the tracks from Chupame El Dedo (suck my finger) got thrown into the mix and made us stop right in our tracks in order to seek this madness out.
It was a nice surprise when we realised that it was being issued on the excellent Discrepant label (some of you may remember that El Mahdy Jr LP we had on here a few months back?).

If, like us, you like your punk attitude with a bit of utter madness and even more fun, then this should be up your street.
Chupame El Dedo hit the nail on the head here, red-hot and unhinged latin-death-metal and what-the-fuck-is-this from start to finish - served up on a suitably alarming red tape.

Created for a one off live performance commissioned by Detlef Diederichsen at the 'House of World Cultures' in Berlin. It was performed live to great acclaim at the Festival "Evil Music" or "Böse Musik" in October 2013. The idea was to explore the death metal sound whilst adding strong tropical elements.
Later recorded live at the Isaac Newton Studios in Bogota, this cassette version recreates the live performance by delving deeper in grindcore, speed and black metal cliches whilst marrying a tropical rhythm section made of salsa, cumbia, currulao & reggaeton.

Expect tropical disoriented madness, stylistic dislocation and very very fast drums. Head banging mojitos!!!

Comes with DL Code.
Edition of 150 red cassettes.

A1 Cabildo Muerto
A2 Desmontemos Esta Farza
A3 La Mate
A4 La Negra En Bola
B1 Monsanto
B2 Josefina
B3 Me Mee En La Zebra
B4 No Me Cojas la Bola

Cabildo Muerto


La Mate