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CIVILISTJÄVEL! - Generalstrejk (Not on label 12")


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We finally got our hands on this fine next trip, the third round of with the Civilistjävel! excursions -

If you copped their records over the last year or so, you'll know what you're in for.
If not, please take a dive and see for yourself - each of these Civilistjavel records has been a real pleasure to zone in to, and this latest one proves the theory once more, in fine style.

Edition of 250, vinyl-only biz.
Last copies right here...

1. Generalstrejk (20:05 mins)
2. Rundgång 1 (03:42 mins)
3. Bränsle För Elden (11:40 mins)
4. Rundgång 2 (4:22mins)


Rundgång 1

Bränsle för elden

Rundgång 2