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Clap! Clap! - Buck / Ichnusa

Black Acre

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More rhythmical pressure from Clap! Clap! -

For the 50th release on the Black Acre, following on his brilliant 'Tambacounda EP' and heading towards his next LP, the Bristol-based label present two fresh deliveries from this producers unique palette - apparently 'carved from the same tree' as the forthcoming long player.

Whilst certainly in keeping with his previous output, the cuts on here seem to carry an even more organic aesthetic to them.
With the first cut firing on all cylinders whilst the percussion flings through the speakers at high-speed, we dare you not to move!

Flip it around for a more hallucinogenic side to Clap! Clap! with left-of-centre timbre's and sonics pulsating over a steady-stumbling rhythm and tongue, creating an  entrancing amalgamation of frequency.

A very exciting lead-up to the next LP, and a fantastic 7" in it's own right.