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Clap! Clap! - Tambacounda EP

Black Acre

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Off-kilter 'floor rhythms from Clap! Clap! -

For the 46th release on Black Acre, adding furthermore to it's already versatile catalogue, we find a selection of tracks from Clap! Clap! - geared for the dancefloor, armed with uncenventional rhythms and sample sources to create something thrillingly fresh, whilst keeping a very welcome element of fun inside it all.

The italian-based Cristiano Crisci come's from the Jazz-school, and one can certainly recognise a liking for freeform arrangement and fluid drum programming on this 12", but the style incorporates much more than this,  sitting somewhere between Chicago footwork, Rio De Janeiro's Samba, South African Shangaan Electro and much more... we can even hear hints of Digital Mystikz style in there somewhere, all very neatly packaged inside the rhythmical frenzy - ready for peak-time deployment.

If you want to turn some heads on the dancefloor, this is the kinda stuff to place on the decks.

Brilliant stuff!

Elon Mentana (ft. DJ Khalab)

Tambacounda's White Magic

Tambacounda's Black Magic